Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ARCH 1142 - Atlas of Colour


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ARCH 1142 - Fluid Thoughts and Movements to Actions


Monday, August 31, 2009

ARCH1142 - Arch In Motion (First rotation workshops) - Video


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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Exp 3 - Final Model File


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Exp 3 - Extra Images and Recommended Path!

Please view previous post first! (Exp 3 - Developed Model)

Guest Area

Bottom Floor, Guest Area

Entrance to Obama's Office

Elevator (mini) - just to get back up!


...and turn right

...straight forward

... under the elevator (view from top)

...which takes you to bottom level of Prada's office

Turning right from spiral stairs - Elevator

... To meeting space

Take elevator to go back to elevator entrance!

Opposite Elevator

Straight to ramp

...to stairs

...and viewing window

Take this elevator to go to top level!
Enjoy! and Thank you.

Exp 3 - Developed Model

My clients were Barrack Obama and Miuccia Prada.
My interpretation of power was based on my mash up.
My understanding of power for this experiment is that power exists in relationships (Obama - immigration) and because of these relationships there is a constant search for a common ground to exist inbetween them(Prada - fashion responsible for an international market).

Front View

Rear View

Obama's Office - America is strongly represented here as it is the centre and main contributor of international activities. There fore having many relationships. The numerous relationships are represented by the indents in the wall, and its importance, through its function as the structural part of the wall.

Prada's Office (right/white - sorry couldnt get any further to the right!)
- The search for the "common ground" is represented by its position at the end of the buildings longitudinal structure, along with the large opening at the end. The undefinite act of searching is also emphasised through the curvy nature of its basic structure.

Meeting Area - The meeting area is the combinatation of the two understandings above. It consists of straight structural features similiar to Obama's office and the 'search' is represented differently by a slant in the structure rather than organic curves

The dining tables were made and positioned strictly for the purpose of meeting, hence situated to face each other directly, with the "common ground" in the middle.

Exp 3 - Draft 2

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